About Us2

Healing As One

Healing as ONE is a grassroots youth group based in the Regent Park community. 

Our mission is to open dialogue, pave understanding and start healing from the many pains/issues in our micro & macro communities.

Our team is composed of members who experienced the challenges associated with growing up disconnected from the community, with little mentorship and opportunities for leadership, all while facing the negative influences of poverty and crime driven neighbourhoods. 

Our goal is to bring the community together, and highlight a type of love we should all share with our neighbours by reshaping the next generation of young people (and paving a way for them). Our aim is community engagement through the many young people living in the neighbourhood. It's taking difficult circumstances and facing young people with the need for self development. 

Our vision is to create a community made up of leaders and visionaries, who are able to empower and pass this(knowledge and leadership) down to the next generation. Our dream is to create a system mobilizing young people to address their communities concerns with open dialogue, festivities and workshops(which benefits them and the community as well) 

Here in Healing as One we don’t just look at someone being an asset to our team but also being part of our family and having that same vision to try and have an impact in our struggling community)