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This is a unique and world-first open call to all young people, regardless of background or location, to submit their solutions to the health and societal COVID-19 challenges facing young people and their communities today.

Do you have an idea for a solution to overcome a challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic? Want to support your local community? Campaign for change in your local area? You can apply for funding from $500 –$5,000 today.

No matter how big or small, we encourage you to have the confidence to apply for funding. All you need to do is complete a short application form setting out your idea, what you want to achieve with the funding and upload a short video explaining why you should be awarded the funding. Good luck!

Any young person between the ages of 14 – 30 can apply. The core requirement is for a truly innovative and impactful idea that has the potential to impact the individual or community around them.

Applications for funding must be inclusive and from an individual young person, an informal group of young people or a local / grassroots youth-led organization (including local chapters/organizations of the

Applications will be reviewed on a two month rolling cycle. There is no deadline to apply. The application platform will stay open for requests as long as funds are available.


Community Wealth: Town Hall

  Community Wealth Building in Regent Park - Town Hall

Explore 5 After School Recreation Care Jobs

The Community Recreation Branch is responsible for the delivery of high-quality, community-based recreation programs and services to the diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto. They are currently recruiting for 5 part-time After-School Recreation positions. Click on the link below to view and apply to the various roles.

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CEE Career Training Programs Application

CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals works to increase economic and social opportunities for Black youth 14 and over who face barriers to career growth. CEE runs intensive career training programs in the areas of Tech, Film, Finance, Hospitality, Social Services, and the Building trades. Participants will gain industry skills through hands-on training, exposure trips, and career coaching to build their professionalism, personal growth, and networks.


Work in Film & Television Production

Work in Film & Television Production