Our Team

Meet the Team

Hassan - Founder 

Hassan: The Founder

Hassan has always been the backbone of Healing As One. He has led us through so much adversity and is extremely passionate about mental health and helping others. Hassan has done a lot of informal and unpaid work in Regent Park and the West End for over 15 years now. He has helped mentor the youth and helped educate the community on mental health. In 2017, Hassan organized a mental health seminar in the west end of the city. The attendance was overwhelming which was an indicator of need for therapy around this topic. It was following this event that Hassan founded Healing As One.

 Murwan - Project Developer

Murwan: The Project Developer

Murwan (right) and Wagdi (left) grew up in Regent Park for most of his life. Regent Park has always been plagued by gun violence, drugs and prostitution. Growing up in Regent Park and facing adversity is what led the inspiration to bring about change. Since 2010, Murwan would try and employ residents from Regent Park to the security industry. In 2018, he founded InfiniGuard – a security social enterprise. InfiniGuard is designed to train and mentor youth from Regent Park and other low-income communities across the GTA at no cost! Helping others has always been the common denominator and is what attracted Murwan to Healing As One. Murwan is a proud member of the team and uses this channel to help his community and others. 


Hishan: The Marketing Director

Hishan has been living in the Regent park community for over 20 years. A community in which he considers to be family. “Despite having a background in business, my heart was always been with helping out in the community and bringing everyone together to make the community happy.” The main reason Hishan joined Healing As One is because of the intention of the group. It’s an organization that harnesses positive energy and motivation to do great work. When a group has that type of mentality then you know their hearts only want to good. This great energy has turned into a brotherhood that aims to prosper in making a difference in our beloved community of Regent Park.

Essa Hassan: Treasurer

Essa Hassan has been living in the Regent Park area for over 20 years. He is really passionate about youth empowerment, community togetherness and good employment opportunities for all. Those are some of the reasons why he decided to be a part of Healing As One. Along with the brotherhood, servicing our community in any means whether it be through community events, employing youth or hosting sports tournaments, the feeling of doing is what drives me to participate. Healing As One has given my brothers an opportunity to help the community and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

AbdiFatah - Program Coordinator

Abdi-Fatah: Program Coordinator

“Before joining Healing As One, I could sense the drastic positive impact it was having on the community and I wanted to be a part of it.” Abdi-Fatah Elmi is a proud team member of Healing as One and aspires to become a positive light for my community in hopes of inspiring the next generation to carry the torch. Growing up I was helped and mentored by the members of my community I now consider my “older brothers” and to this day I feel its effects on me. Therefore, I understand the impact of leadership and compassion and want to impact others.

Sara Tahir

Sara Tahir: Sisters program coordinator

My name is Sara, I have been part of the Regent Park community for years! I have been involved with assisting different community groups with event organizations, summer camps, conferences etc.

I have joined Healing As One and their initiative as it has been an impactful organization within the community. I wanted to be part of that positive impact amongst the youth and the community as a whole.

Abdelrahman Sahabn Ali - Financial Liberacy Program Coordinator & Web Designer

Abdelrahman Sahban Ali - Financial Literacy Program Coordinator & Web Designer

Increasing financial literacy within the Regent Park community is a priority that will have a positive impact in the lives of the residence for generations to come. As a CFA Charterholder with more than 5 years of experience within the field of finance, I am certain I have the knowledge to help make that change a reality.